Schuylkill River Trail Watch Begins Training

The Schuylkill River Trail in Philadelphia, equipped in recent months with mile markers, now has its own version of a "town watch."

Officials with the city and nonprofit that helps oversee the roughly 10 miles of riverside path that winds through Philadelphia have officially launched training for a River Trail Watch, which will be staffed by volunteers.

Eileen Potash, who spent Wednesday afternoon walking along the Schuylkill in Center City, said she welcomes some helpful surveillance - particularly at night.

"In the day, I feel safe," Potash said. "But at night, I wouldn't mind an extra eye."

Anthony Murphy, who oversees the city of Philadelphia's Town Watch Integrated Services, helped with the initial training session, which included joggers, walkers and bicyclists, in best-practice ways to stay safe and react to potential safety issues when they arise on the trail.

"There isn't that sense of just runners, joggers, everyone together talking and looking at each other. So I think the coalition will bring that together," said Catherine Anne Ottinger, of Run 215, an online resource for the city's running community.

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