Rescued Dog Wants Forever Family After Delivering Miracle Puppy

After being abandoned, then giving birth to a miracle puppy, one Pit Bull Terrier is ready to find her forever family.

When rescuers found Layla, a one-year-old Pit Bull Terrier, wandering the streets of Conestoga, Chester County, they could immediately tell the dog was just days away from giving birth.

Layla was taken to the Humane League of Lancaster County, where the Terrier remained fearful and nervous.

“She had been down in the kennels, but because of how loud it was she was very scared,” said Ellie Scheurich, an animal care technician.

After nine days, Layla went into labor, but immediately started experiencing complications.

“I sat on the floor with Layla,” Scheurich said. “She had already been through so much in her young life, and we were hoping we weren’t too late to save this sweet dog.”

After being rushed into an emergency C-section, Layla delivered seven puppies. Only two survived the C-section, but one passed the next morning leaving Layla with one miracle puppy to care for. The puppy, named Leroy, soon found his forever home.

But now Layla wants her forever home, too.

"Layla continues to open up to all of us," Scheurich said.

"She is still shy around strangers and puts up a tough front, but once she gets to know you she will be the most faithful companion to anyone who is deserving of her love and devotion."

Applications to adopt Layla can be found on the Human Pennsylvania website and can be emailed to Aida May, the Animal Care Coordinator, at

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