Pro-Life Grandmother: I Was Attacked Outside Planned Parenthood

A 63-year-old grandmother of 12 claims she was attacked while recording a video outside the Planned Parenthood in Wilmington, Del.

Rae Stabosz, of Newark, who is pro-life, prays every week outside the Planned Parenthood. She was in the middle of a prayer last Wednesday when she pulled out her cell phone and began to record a patient being taken out of the facility. As she started filming, Stabosz says someone who appeared to be a friend of the patient began to attack her.

“I bent down to retrieve my phone, she started smacking me around and was grabbing for the phone,” said Stabosz. “She flipped me over backwards and I went down. At some point I screamed and that’s probably when I landed on my side.”

Stabosz says the woman then took her phone, placed it inside the building and then drove off. Stabosz, who was not seriously hurt, claims she was eventually able to get her phone back from Planned Parenthood employees. She also says she was not trying to invade the patient’s privacy when she began filming.

“I wanted to document the fact that yet another person was leaving the Planned Parenthood of the Delaware facility at 7th and Shipley in an ambulance,” she said.

Stabosz says she and other members of her prayer group have witnessed four emergency transfers from the facility in five weeks and questions the safety of the procedures.

NBC10’s Rosemary Connors contacted the Wilmington Planned Parenthood who declined to speak, citing patient confidentiality. While the latest statistics from the Centers for Disease Control show only a few deaths related to complications from legal abortions, Stabosz is still concerned.

“This story is not the morality of abortion,” she said. “The story is a public health issue.”

Wilmington Police are currently investigating the incident. Stabosz is unsure whether or not she will press charges.

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