‘Pothole Killer’ to the Rescue

A new type of superhero is being dispatched on winter-worn roads in our area.

A pothole-filling machine will begin to repair streets in Camden County, N.J. this week.

The Camden County Freeholder Board dubbed it the “Pothole Killer.” They say the machine will help them speed up the process of road repair.

Maybe you’ll see the “Pothole Killer” for yourself? Freeholder Ian Leonard explains that it’s a truck with a tank on the back with a boom on the front. The boom first blows loose material out of the pothole, and then sprays aggregate and a heated emulsifying agent into the hole. Next, a layer of stone particulate is applied.

The machine only requires one operator to stay inside the vehicle while a nozzle on the front of the truck fills the pothole.

The machine's efficiency is it's biggest strength. The whole filling process only takes about 90 seconds.

“It also delivers a patch that lasts longer than those made with the cold-patch material that is available,” said Leonard.

If motorists see potholes in Camden County they are urged to call the Public Works Hotline at (856)-566-2980 or follow Camden County on Facebook and Twitter.

The “Pothole killer” will be on the job.

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