Popular Philadelphia Restaurant's Head Chef Found Dead in Restroom

A veil of discretion covers the death of the executive chef of Alma de Cuba restaurant in Philadelphia's Old City neighborhood.

Scott McLeod, 41, was found unconscious in one of the bathrooms of the establishment during dinner service on Sunday. according to Michael Klein of  He was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead a short time later.

According to reports from the office of coroner, the death was related to heart disease, Klein reported.

Alma de Cuba manager Elizabeth Henderson confirmed to NBC10 that Chef McLeod has worked for them for the past nine months but declined to further comment on his death.

Many of McLeod's relatives are expected to arrive in Philadelphia from Louisianna Tuesday, according to Henderson.

"We know his dad lives in North Carolina”, she said.

The woman refused to talk about the daily work of McLeod or his behavior with both his peers and the rest of management at the workplace.

McLeod previously worked in restaurants like Cuba Libre and Passion.

Alma de Cuba is part of the restaurant chain of Stephen Starr and Douglas Rodriguez.

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