Pope Onesie Anyone?

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Queen Muse

The Market Street Bridge near Amtrak's 30th Street Station was converted to a makeshift souvenir shop by entrepreneurs looking to make a quick buck selling memorabilia to visitors in Philadelphia for the Papal visit on Saturday.

Numerous t-shirts with images of Pope Francis were being sold, as well as more unique items like local entrepreneur Ron Crognale's Twistmas lights. Crognale made a special "Pope" edition of his product, a Christmas tree light ornament that can be customized by adding your own personal photos, to commemorate the Papal visit.

"I thought it would be nice to do something for the Pope's visit, so I came over from D.C. and my family members are here with me helping me sell them," Crognale said.

Mom-daughter team Marie and Lexi Eveleth sell laser-cut wooden Pope ornaments fashioned after Philadelphia’s LOVE statue on 16th Street near Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

Two other local entrepreneurs, Jude Baseden and Carolyn Staley sold onesies with an image of the Pope -- in a Rocky pose -- on them. Basden came up with the image idea a few weeks ago, had an artist draw it for her and spent several days screen printing them onto onesies and tees.

Not all of the vendors were local.

Vince Woods journeyed all the way from Compton, Calif. to see the Pope in Washington, D. C. He then headed to Philadelphia to sell souvenir rosary beads, t-shirts, buttons, and tote bags all covered with images of Pope Francis.

"I got lost at one point because they had shut down so many streets but once I made it to this bridge, I was okay," Woods said.

"It was great to see the Pope in D.C. The crowd was great there and they loved buying these little tokens. I think the crowd here in Philly is going to be even better."

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