Rampage in NJ: Police Shoot, Kill Man Who Had Overturned Cars With Backhoe

Authorities did not release the identity of the man who was shot and killed

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Police shot and killed a man in a mobile home park in Vineland, New Jersey Saturday morning, the New Jersey Attorney General's office said.

The shooting followed a wild early morning scene in which the man used a backhoe to overturn several cars -- including both a police SUV and an ambulance -- and damage a home, neighbors said.

Other wrecked cars included another police SUV and a civilian sedan, both with major damage. The front porch of a home was also destroyed, the neighbors said.

New video shows a man inside a backhoe going on a rampage in Vineland, New Jersey, driving into a home and crashing into several cars, a police cruiser and an ambulance. A police officer ended up shooting and killing the man.

All this happened at about 5 a.m. Saturday at the Penn Lincoln Mobile Home Park and a nearby retirement community.

"It's like a hurricane came through here," said neighbor Diane Trout. "Just total destruction."

She said she is friends with the woman whose front porch was destroyed. The backhoe also ripped a hole in the front of the home.

"I feel so bad for her, she was upset and crying," Trout said. "It's Christmas."

The Attorney General's office did not release the identity of the dead man. Officials said he was shot by one police officer of the Vineland Police Department.

Though officers and emergency medical personnel tried to give him first aid, the man died at the scene.

Officials also haven't officially connected the shooting to the rampage described by the neighbors. Three police officers suffered minor injuries, the Attorney General's office said.

The AG's office is investigating, which is the state's policy when an encounter with police turns deadly. The Vineland Police Department, and New Jersey State Police Department also are investigating.

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