Officer Shoots Suspect Who Tried to Grab Gun: Police

A Philadelphia Police officer shot a suspect after that man allegedly tried to grab another officer’s handgun during a struggle that left an officer injured.

The incident happened after officers say they witnessed a drug deal going down on the 600 block of N 52nd Street in West Philadelphia around 12:30 a.m.

According to investigators, the officers chased a suspect a short distance to an alley behind the 600 block of N Creighton Street where officers chased the man over a 6-foot-tall fence into a backyard. The officers already called for backup to the location.

A struggled ensued between the officers and the suspect in the backyard. One of the officers was tackled to the ground.

“The suspect then grabbed the handgun from one of the officers and started to pull the gun from the officer’s holster,” said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small.

“At this time a backup officer discharged his weapon one time striking the suspect in his torso.”

The shooting left the man in critical condition at the Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania. Police say the suspect was upgrade to is expected to survive.

Police say they found eight packets or crack cocaine inside the suspect’s pockets and that there are three outstanding warrants for the yet-to-be-identified suspect.

One of the officers involved in the struggle suffered bruises to his face, according to police.

This was the second police-involved shooting this week. On Monday police shot a man who they say pointed a handgun at officers.

Both shootings come as scrutiny continues for Philadelphia Police officers discharging their weapons.

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