Police Find Bodies of Man and Woman With Throats Slashed Inside Abandoned Home

Investigators said both victims appeared to have been dead for at least one day. 

Jason Ryan

An investigation is underway after the decomposed bodies of a man and woman with their throats slashed were found inside an abandoned home in Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood on Wednesday. 

Police and paramedics responded to a call reporting two bodies inside a property along the 3000 block of North Ruth Street shortly after 7 p.m. Police and medics entered through the back of the home and found a man and woman lying next to each other inside a bedroom on the second floor. 

Police said both victims had large lacerations on their necks. They were both pronounced dead at the scene at 7:26 p.m. 

“It appears both of them had their throats slit,” Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small said. 

The two victims have not yet been identified but both appeared to be in their 30’s or 40’s, according to Small. Police also found a bag of clothing that may have belonged to the woman. 

Investigators said both victims appeared to have been dead for at least one day. 

“According to the fire department, paramedics, these bodies have been here longer than one day because they’re already starting to decompose,” Small said. 

Police also found surveillance cameras outside along the 3000 block of Ruth Street. 

“Although they won’t capture the incident inside, it may have captured someone entering or exiting this property where we found both dead bodies,” Small said. 

Investigators also discovered drug paraphernalia throughout the property.

“This location is used by squatters or individuals to use the drugs, do drugs, sell drugs,” Small said. “Clearly a lot of drug paraphernalia inside of the property.” 

No arrests have been made and police have not released information on any suspects.

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