Suspect in Threat Against Philly, New York Officers Surrenders: Police

A man accused of making a threat towards Philadelphia and New York police officers is now in custody.

The man, who has not yet been identified, turned himself in at a Bronx police precinct Wednesday afternoon and is being questioned by detectives, according to NBC4 New York.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross Jr. told NBC10 the New York Police Department received an anonymous tip Wednesday reporting the man planned on harming both NYPD and Philadelphia officers.

“As I understand it, NYPD relayed this info to us because they thought there was something to it or at least wanted to take the necessary precautions,” Ross said.

Sources told NBC4 that the suspect mentioned by the New York City tipster had pledged allegiance to ISIS. Both the NYPD and Philadelphia Police Department issued a safety alert as a precaution. The two departments and the FBI then launched an investigation.

“We do not know if this individual threat is credible but I know NYPD and other authorities are running on it as though it is,” Ross said.

The suspect in the threat had outstanding warrants for other crimes, according to NBC4. Ross also told NBC10 the suspect has a few addresses in Philadelphia.

The news comes nearly two weeks after a gunman ambushed Philadelphia Police Officer Jesse Hartnett, shooting him at point-blank range. The suspect in the shooting, 30-year-old Edward Archer, allegedly claimed he shot Hartnett in the name of Islam and pledged allegiance to ISIS. Police later received an anonymous tip claiming Archer was part of a group of four radicals in Philadelphia who planned on carrying out more attacks on officers.

FBI officials said last week however that their investigation concluded Archer was not part of a terror cell and there were no indications that additional attacks were imminent.

Ross did not reveal whether the man who was taken into custody Wednesday was connected at all to Archer or the previous threat against Philadelphia officers.

This story is developing. Check back for updates.

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