Philadelphia Celebrates Immigrant Business This Week

Many immigrants have come to Philadelphia with an entrepreneurial spirit.

The city is acknowledging them with its first Immigrant Business Week (IBW). It runs from March 27 to April 1 and celebrates immigrant entrepreneurs and their contributions to society.

"Immigrants play a key role in Philadelphia's population growth, neighborhood revitalization and economic development," said Miriam Enriquez, director of the Office of Immigrant Affairs.

In February, New American Economy (NAE) released data supporting Enriquez's statement and highlighted immigrants' positive impact in communities across the country.

According to NAE, immigrants paid $6 billion in taxes and were responsible for $13.5 billion in spending power in 2014. Immigrants are also 43 percent more likely to be entrepreneurs than the native-born population.

In celebration of the estimated 40,000 immigrant entrepreneurs in Philadelphia, the city will be hosting several networking opportunities and educational workshops throughout the week. As part of it, Philly is promote diverse food trucks across the city.

"Food trucks and food carts have served as a creative pathway for many immigrants to create employment and revenue-generating opportunities," Enriquez said. "Through 'Food Truck Spotlight,' Philly food and culture lovers can conduct a tour of both great cuisines from around the world and the neighborhoods where these five food trucks are located. They will also experience immigrant stories of entrepreneurship up close — and appreciate this hard work using all the senses!"

To see the full list of Immigrant Business Week events, click here.  

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