Pennsylvania Crosses 100,000 COVID-19 Cases; Diagnoses Among Young Adults Jump

The number of cases hit a milestone, but that isn't as important as the fact that the numbers are rising again -- especially among young people

Pennsylvania has crossed a sobering milestone in the coronavirus pandemic: The state and its counties have now reported more than 100,000 cases of COVID-19.

The state's official count is a little less than that: 95,742. However, Philadelphia, Montgomery, Chester and Delaware counties reports their own numbers that differ from the state's -- and Philadelphia's number was 27,575, enough to send the state number to 100,165.

The exact number is not as significant as the fact that the Keystone state is seeing new increases in the number of cases every day. The state's graph of the number of new cases shows positive tests were highest in early April, fell to lows in June, but is rising again in July.

The state began a phased reopening of businesses in June, with the last county, Philadelphia, moving to a modified version the least restrictive "green" phase in early July.

However, the state says masks are still required statewide, gatherings are limited and telework is still preferred. And Philadelphia has stronger limitations, including a ban on indoor dining and working out in groups in gyms. The state's largest city has officially "paused" its reopening.

"The virus has not gone away, and we are seeing cases rise, especially in Southwest Pennsylvania," said Dr. Rachel Levine, the state's health secretary, in a statement.

Allegheny County, where Pittsburgh is, now has more than 5,000 diagnosed cases of COVID-19. Another alarming increase is the number of young people being diagnosed; in southwest Pennsylvania, nearly 25 percent of new cases are from 19-24 year olds. In July, that percentage was 5 percent.

In southeastern Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia, almost 17 percent of cases are among 19-24 year olds, up from 5 percent in July.

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