Still Waiting for Parking Ticket Amnesty in Philly

Some of the people with long overdue Philadelphia parking tickets returned to the city's parking office Tuesday morning after spending hours in line trying to get amnesty for older tickets.

Anyone with unpaid parking tickets from before 2013, were able to sign up to have their debt forgiven. The amnesty program also offered vehicle owners a 70-percent discount for towing and storage fees from 2014 or earlier.

Enrollment for the program ended Monday after being in place for two months. The Parking Amnesty website was no longer taking online applications Monday so procrastinators had to get in line before 6 p.m. to apply in person at 917 Filbert Street. People were lined up around the block and stayed in line into the early morning hours of Tuesday when the sheriff's office handed out letters and sent about 200 people home.

The PPA says that people with the letters have until Wednesday to return to the office to apply for amnesty despite the program being closed. A handful of people, those PPA letters in hand, were back in line again before the PPA office opened Tuesday morning in hopes of still getting a clean slate. 

The parking amnesty bill was introduced by Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell, D-3rd District and was open for two months. The mayor's office hopes to have details on how many tickets were forgiven and how much money came in during the amnesty period.
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