Papal Visit Playbook Contains 6 Key Sections

World Meeting of Family organizers released the initial Papal Visit Playbook Monday — four weeks ahead of Pope Week in Philly.

The guide is meant to be a living document which grows and changes as more information is learned or gets released. It's broken down into 6 key sections:

How to Prepare — This is the most useful section. You get suggestions on how to navigate the city during Pope Week, including mass transit information, major road closures and a link to the city's maps that outline, day-by-day what is and is not accessible as well as where you can and cannot park. The maps are good because on days like Friday and Saturday when access to what you can/can't do changes, you see exactly what time of day those changes happen. We put the maps into a day-by-day gallery (above) and here is the .pdf file for those of you who want to print them out or be able to zoom in closer to street level.

Timeline — Where/when Pope Francis will be in Philly & WMOF/Papal Visit overviews

If You're Attending — Encourages you to plan ahead, register your bus, fully charge your phones/device (s) and bring extra batteries

Resources — Contact information for key City departments (police/fire/transit) as well as key city leaders. Nifty to have any time of the year, not just during Pope Week.

Pope Gear — Links off to another WMOF page of "official" pope memorabilia

Fun To Be Had — Suggestions for folks who aren't necessarily a part of the WMOF but still want to experience the Pope Francis visit and special events/attractions planned around the visit.

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