Owner Shared Bed & Bath with Chimp that Attacked

Talk about your "ick" factor.

The newest development in the chimp attack story is a whopper: The relationship between Travis the chimp and his owner, a 70-year old widow, was closer than that of some married couples.

The chimp and his owner cuddled in the same bed and even took baths together.

Other Relationship Revelations:

  • Sandra Herold gave Travis the finest food and wine in long-stemmed glasses.
  • Travis brushed Sandra’s hair each night.
  • The chimp kissed her when she left the house ALONE.
  • If she left with someone else, the Chimp would get upset.
  • The “human relationship” may have played a role in Monday’s savage attack on Herold’s friend.

David Baron, professor and chairman of the Psychiatry Department at Temple University's School of Medicine, said in cases such as Herold's, the grief of losing loved ones could have made it easy for her to view Travis as a surrogate child and friend. Her husband died in 2004 and her only daughter was killed in a car accident several years ago.

"I wouldn't say that she shouldn't have a pet, but this may be something that should be looked at as part of a grief reaction that's beyond normal," he said.

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