NJ Town Calls on Parents to Help Stop Crime

Atlantic County officials will show parents how to search their kid's rooms for anything suspicious.

Police officials all over Atlantic County are enlisting the help of parents to help curb a recent string of violent crimes in Pleasantville.

The initiative is being called “Stop the Violence in Atlantic County.” And a task force of law enforcement and public officials has been assembled to help control crime throughout the county, according to the Press of Atlantic City.

But now, police are also asking parents to get involved.

On Thursday at the Faith Baptist Church, Pleasantville will host an event called “Parents Search Your Child’s Room," reports the Press.

There, parents will be shown a video demonstrating the proper way to search their child’s room for contraband, according to the Press of AC.

"We want parents to police their children before we have to," Pleasantville police Capt. Jose Ruiz told the paper.

This topic is one that certainly brings about mixed emotions between the different age groups.  

“I think every child would probably have a problem with it because they don’t like getting their stuff searched,” said teenager Lenardo Caro of Pleasantville. 

Chief of Police Duane Comeaux took a stance to the contrary saying, “If the parents put them on the right track at home, more than likely they will stay on the right track the rest of the way out.”    

Officials are urging parents to attend the meeting and ask questions on anything they’re curious about.

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