Narcotics Officer Sets Up Arrest to Rob Drug Dealer: Police

A Philadelphia police officer was arrested and accused of working with his confidential informant to set up and rob a drug dealer.

Officer Jeffrey Walker, a 24-year veteran of the force and 14-year vet of the Narcotics Division, had multiple discussions with an informant in attempts to set up a heist, according to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court that was obtained by NBC10.

The affidavit states that Walker recently approached the informant and asked him to help him rip off drug dealers. The informant tipped off the FBI, who in turn set up a sting.

Starting May 6 and going until Tuesday, Walker and the informant, who wasn't identified, talked about the proposed thefts. During each conversation, Walker's robbery plans changed, according to the affidavit.

In one plan he said he would supply the informant with a large amount of drugs while leaving a smaller amount behind during a drug stop. In another conversation, Walker is heard trying to set up a drug stop where he would then take the keys of an alleged cocaine dealer and burglarize the dealer's home giving the informant half the take.

The second plan is the one that Walker allegedly followed through with Tuesday night, according to federal investigators.

Walker allegedly planted drugs in a drug dealer's Jetta while it was parked outside of Spiro's Bat on W Girard Avenue while the alleged dealer and the informant had a drink inside. The duo left a short time later and the alleged dealer, who wasn't identified, drove off alone, according to investigators.

Walker, likely armed with his service revolver, and two other officers pulled over the Jetta on 6th Street between Vine and Race Streets, investigators said. In his police report Walker said the he observed the Jetta with Virginia plates driving erratically at a high-rate of speed. After the stop, an officer saw the driver allegedly place an Arizona bottle with some sort of substance inside under the seat.

Less than an hour later, a marked police K-9 unit arrived on the scene to conduct a sniff search. At that time Walker allegedly contacted the informant to let him know that he had the alleged dealer's house keys.

At Walker's direction, highway patrol officer's towed away the Jetta and a search warrant was alter issued. Later that night, Walker 28 grams of coke were reported found inside a clear baggie that was stuffed inside the bottle, according to the affidavit.

Investigators said that a little before midnight, Walker was observed arriving at the suspected drug dealer's house on Florence Avenue in the city's Kingsessing section where he met the informant. About six minutes later the men walked out of the home and were arrested.

According to investigators Walker had around $15,000 and his service gun on him while the informant had around five pounds of marijuana in his custody.

The affidavit states that Walker fessed up to planting the cocaine in the Jetta, setting up the false arrest, taking the suspect's key, using the key to enter the suspected drug dealer's home and taking around $15,000 in supposed drug sales revenue from the home.

Federal agents raided Walker’s home in the Overbrook section of the city of Philadelphia early this morning, according to the sources with knowledge of the investigation.

It's unclear what police found in walker's home. It's also unclear if Walker was involved in any other incidents.

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