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Volunteers Come Together to Ensure Delaware Little League Isn't Stopped by Vandals

After a group of vandals struck a Delaware Little League complex, the community came together to show the 600 children the league serves that the community cares about them.

“They just appeared to be having fun breaking things,” said Naamans Little League president Brett Margolin.

Vandals broke glass, broke locks, sprayed soda, tipped port-a-potties and stole buggies from the sports complex at Mt. Lebanon Road and Concord Pike in North Wilmington overnight Wednesday into Thursday. Every padlock on every shed had been cut and many of the shed doors were dented.

“It’s just sad, it was just all over the place when I came,” said player Jack Steinhoff.

Thanks to the community coming together, Jack’s game along with other games, went on as scheduled Thursday night.

As of Friday, Wilmington Police hadn’t named any suspects in the case. The cost of the vandalism was only a few hundred dollars but the life lessons learned from the response were priceless.

“I say to my kid all the time, ‘if all you’re learning from coach is baseball, you’re learning all the wrong things,’” said Margolin.

Jack echoed Margolin’s message: “Try our best and everything. If we don’t do well, try harder next time.”

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