1 Person Arrested in Shooting at Teen's Funeral

Police say one person was arrested in connection to a shooting at a teenager's funeral in Trenton.

"We've arrested one individual and we've recovered five weapons," said Trenton Police Director Ralph Rivera. "Three in the parking lot adjacent to the church, one at the foyer of the church and one on the individual who was arrested."

Police are now on the hunt for any other shooters who may have been involved.

The shooting broke out shortly after noon on Tuesday during funeral services for 19-year-old Cagney Labon Roberts at the Galilee Baptist Church on Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard.

More than 1,000 people were inside the church at the time. Three of those people were shot, according to Rivera.

"I can tell you right now that as a result of this incident, we have three people who were shot," Rivera said. "We have a woman who was grazed and two young men who received more severe injuries."

Investigators say the two men who were shot are in stable condition. The woman who was grazed was treated and released from the hospital. Police have not yet determined if the shootings happened inside or outside the church. 

Rivera said two other women were hurt. One suffered a seizure and the other was hurt when she got trapped trying to get out of the church.

Eric Muhammad, a cousin of the victim, told LA Parker of the Trentonian that he was in the front row of the church, with other family members, when he heard the shots.

"Well I heard the pop and I immediately turned around and attempted to start securing family members and getting them out the side door and dialing police at the same time," Muhammad told Parker. "The place was full, the place was full."

NBC10 obtained surveillance video from a nearby corner store showing funeral attendees running into the street moments after the shooting. Other attendees ducked for cover under the pews or ran for the pastor's office.

"One lady jumped the banister, fell on my wife and stepped on her face," said Galilee Baptist Reverend John Harris, who was leading the service at the time of the shooting.

Police say one person was arrested in connection to the shooting while five weapons were recovered. According to investigators, the suspect was trying to drive away from the scene and was armed. Officers who were already gathered outside the church were able to apprehend him.

Police have not yet released his identity and are still trying to determine how many other shooters were involved.

"For this to happen in a church, that tells me that the people have lost their respect for God and for themselves," Reverend Harris said. "Five weapons were found? They meant for this to be a massacre."

Roberts, who was from Trenton, was shot multiple times last Wednesday night, April 9, when a gunman fired into a crowd of people at the corner of Girard and St. Joes Avenue.

Two others men were wounded by the gunfire.

"These kids think it's just live and die," said Mark Parrish, a deacon at Galilee Baptist. "Where does it stop?"

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