Tipster Claims He Was Not Given Police Protection

A man who says he gave police information leading to the arrest of the man accused of killing Officer Moses Walker Jr., claims his life was threatened and he was not given protection.

Police often ask for the public’s help to solve crimes, especially violent ones. But one local man who claims he stepped up to speak out says he’ll never do it again.

The man, who we’re referring to as “Jonathan,” says he’s too scared to show his face but too angry to remain silent.

“I feel as though our lives are in danger and the city is not doing anything,” said Jonathan.

Jonathan tells NBC10 he helped Philadelphia Police capture Rafael Jones, the man accused of shooting and killing Police Officer Moses Walker Jr. in North Philadelphia last August. Jonathan says he told police he heard Jones talking about the incident on a cell phone.

“He said, ‘I merked him but I didn’t know he was a cop,” said Jonathan.

Jonathan says the word “merked” is slang for “killed.”

“I let them know what I heard and where I was at,” said Jonathan. “The sergeant told me and the rest of my family that they took my statement, the next step was to fax it over to the D.A. and the D.A. would give me protective placement.”

Jonathan says that never happened however and he was threatened a few days after he talked to police.

“A strange car over that weekend rolled up and said to us, ‘we know where all of you live at and we are going to kill all of ya’ll,’” said Jonathan.

Jonathan told us he told police about the threat and again asked for protection. He says police then told him the request was faxed to the District Attorney’s Office.

NBC10 called police and prosecutors. We were first told no one remembered Jonathan. Then police told us they did talk to him but his information was “not credible and he deserves nothing.”

The District Attorney’s Office says they remember telling Jonathan to go to police for the okay for protection. They also say they’ve placed three families in the witness relocation program involving Officer Walker’s murder. Jonathan claims however the District Attorney’s Office seems to be making it clear his family won’t get protection.

“They told us if we were having more problems to call the police,” said Jonathan. “I asked them how many more times would we have to call police. She said as many times as you have to.”

Jonathan tells NBC10 he’ll never speak up about a crime again.

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