Man Finds Wayward Emu in Yard

A Pennsylvania man says when he looked out his kitchen window earlier this week, he saw what he first thought was a huge wild turkey.

Robert Leseberg says he went outside his home in Walnutport, near Allentown, on Tuesday night to get a closer look. He says the bird lifted its head and was suddenly towering over the 6-foot-3 man.

This was no wild turkey.

It was an emu. The flightless birds are originally from Australia and are raised for their meat, leather and oil in the United States, according to the American Emu Associaition.

Leseberg checked with animal control officers, police and the Lehigh Valley Zoo.  There are some emu farms in the region, but so far no one has claimed the large wayward bird.

In the meantime, the big bird is heading to an emu farm in the Poconos.

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