Man Arrested After Abandoning 2,000 Bags of Heroin

A man faces drug charges after he dropped more than 2,000 bags filled with heroin in a parking lot Tuesday.

Donald R. Hester, 35, was driving a 2001 Cadillac Seville along West Dupont Boulevard in Millsboro, Del. just after 9 p.m. when he failed to use a turn signal to turn right onto Wharton Street, according to authorities.

Police say an officer tried to pull Hester over, but the suspect sped off at a high speed causing the trooper to lose sight of the vehicle.

The officer located the car in a parking lot off of Houston Street, where Hester again attempted to flee, but the trooper blocked the exit and arrested the Lincoln, Del. man, according to reports.

Additional officers who arrived to assist in the arrest discovered two plastic grocery bags filled with drugs in the lot where the Cadillac initially stopped, according to police.

Officials say one grocery bag had 2,292 bags containing heroin inside and the other held 119 grams of marijuana. 

Police discovered an additional 46 grams of marijuana and $2,312 in cash in the suspect's car and another $1,977 in his pockets.

Hester faces multiple drug charges and traffic violations following his arrest.

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