Lewis Katz's Memorial Service Draws Mentions on Social Media

Hundreds attend the memorial service for Philadelphia co-owner Lewis Katz at Temple University today. Katz died tragically in a fiery plane crash Saturday night. The private jet was flying from Beford, Massachusetts to Atlantic City but never made it off the runway before it erupted in flames. All 7 passengers died. 

Among the diginitaries who spoke at and attended the service were: President Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, Shane Victorino, Ed Rendell and George Norcross. 

"He was a great man," said an emotional Governor Ed Rendell. "Lewis is a great man for things that never made the newspaper. The world will never be as much fun for us. He was incredible with his spontaneity."

The remembrances shared on social media included images from inside the memorial service and thoughts about how Katz impacted the Philadelphia region. 

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