Homeless Man Swindles $100K From Love-Struck Women

Paul Krueger pleaded guilty for swindling women out of thousands

Homeless and armed with a laptop, one man made thousands, met lovely ladies, and landed himself a house…a spot in the Big House.

Paul Krueger, the homeless guy in Montgomery County who swindled women out of thousands by pretending he was a millionaire, struck a deal and pleaded guilty in a Norristown courtroom.

Krueger posed as a millionaire on MillionaireMatch.com and met some ever-so-trusting, wealthy, looking-for-love women.  Then, using just his laptop and online charm, he swindled them out of more than $100,000. 

And then he got himself arrested.  Shocker. 

His profile said he was a music producer who worked with plenty of stars, like Michael Jackson. It was enough to make him look like dating, even mating material for a swimsuit model, a singer from Detroit, a QVC jewelry designer and a few other women.  He did provide them spreadsheets to document his alleged success, authorities said.  He also wined and dined them in Atlantic City casinos.

Well, the “big shot” claimed he needed money for a big investment, so they all sent him money, totaling $102,000 (Sidebar: If he’s this big time music mogul, why would he need the money?  Red flag!)

The jig was up when one woman, bilked out of $10,000, called police after her “boyfriend” stopped returning her phone calls.

Some of the women, who lived in various parts of the country, had friends who also invested in Krueger's nonexistent business. In all, 13 people gave Krueger between $500 and $20,000 for a total of $100,000, according to The Intelligencer.

Charges were filed in Souderton, Pa. Since that's where Krueger told the women to send the money  (to his ex-wife’s home address, no less).

Although homeless, Krueger had several VIP casino accounts. He used the money to fuel his gambling addiction, authorities said.

It seems Krueger was gambling with more than just money; he was also gambling with love and other womens' hearts  (why not end this story on a cheesy note).

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