Three Suspects Strike Police Car, Assault Pennsylvania Trooper

Three suspects escaped after assaulting an off-duty Pennsylvania state trooper and crashing their car into two police vehicles in the Summerdale section of Northeast Philadelphia.

The unidentified suspects were heading southbound on Roosevelt Boulevard near Summerdale Avenue shortly before 5 a.m. Friday when they crashed a Cadillac into a police cruiser, Philadelphia Police said.

The three men sped off with police officers on their tail. They crashed again, this time into an off-duty Pennsylvania state trooper in his personal vehicle, said investigators.

Two of the suspects ran off after assaulting the trooper who was trying to help them after the crash, police said. Officers arrested and handcuffed a third suspect and put him in the back of a Philadelphia police car, but he managed to escape and run down the street.

Officers were able to catch up with the yet-to-be-identified suspect around 9:15 a.m. and again arrest the suspect. SkyForce10 was overhead as police led the suspect into the police station.

The incident caused major traffic delays in the area of the Boulevard as police continued their investigation.

The two other suspects from the Cadillac remained on the loose.

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