Protecting Those Intending to Do Good in Tough Times

People want to help out in times of emergencies but what happens when something then goes wrong?

Currently, laborers like plumbers, architects, electricians, designers, etc. could be sued for work they do while responding to a natural disaster in New Jersey.

Lawmakers hope to change that by enacting a Good Samaritan bill which would allow skilled workers to help out without fear of lawsuit.

Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald (D), who represents parts of Burlington and Camden Counties, co-sponsored the bill.

In the aftermath of Sandy some skilled workers stayed away from helping in fear that something could go wrong. If this measure was in place those workers could donate their time in good faith without fear. Exceptions would be made if the worker was grossly negligent.

More than 120 workers would be on the ready if the measure passes.

"We have gone through a educational program to teach us how to do this response recovery," said American Institute of Architects president Jack Purvis.

About half of the other states, including Pennsylvania and Delaware, have enacted similar measures.

Greenwald tells NBC10 that he hopes the bill is being considered and he hopes it will be passed by the early part of next year at the latest.

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