Fumo Turns the Table

State Senator Vincent Fumo turned the tables on his Defense attorney Dennis Cogan Wednesday. Fumo advised Cogan to stop taking Advil for his back pains so he could take an epidural after the court adjourned. 

Cogan appeared uncomfortable as he cross examined Howard Cain. Cogan began the cross examination relying on a walking cane and finished seated.
On the witness stand Howard Cain political strategist and longtime employee of Fumo testified that he double billed the government when he was paid $10,000 a month by Trump Casinos' Isle of Capri to monitor casino legislation in Pennsylvania. 

Cain was considered a good inside guy on the Pa. casino front because he had inside information from Senator Fumo who reportedly helped develop gaming legislation.
Cain later testified to U.S. attorney John Pease that he was notified in an e-mail by Fumo to check out a life-threatening investigation. Cain said Fumo never considered bad press life threatening.

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