Police Find Woman on Philadelphia Street ‘Bleeding Profusely' From Throat Slashing

Doctors fought to save a woman’s life after Philadelphia Police found her bleeding profusely on a city street after being stabbed from ear-to-ear.

“She has a very, very deep – and severe – slash to her throat,” said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small.

Officers found the woman along Frankford Avenue by Stella Street in the Kensington neighborhood around 3 a.m. Tuesday.

“They found a female victim lying on the highway suffering from a severe stab wound to her neck,” said Small. “Police picked her up, rushed her to Temple (University) Hospital.”

Doctors performed surgery on the critical woman for the 12-inch slash wound on her neck, said Small.

Witnesses led investigators to a blood trail that made it appear the woman – who didn’t have an identification on her and appeared to be in her 40s – had staggered about 75 feet down Stella Street.

“She had a piece of denim she was holding around her neck and she was bleeding profusely,” said Small.


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Witnesses wrapped a towel around her neck and applied pressure as they waited for help, said police.

Investigators spoke to witnesses and poured over surveillance video in an attempt to figure out what led to the stabbing.

“We don’t know who stabbed her, we don’t know the circumstances,” said Small.

Anyone with information about the incident can contact Philadelphia Police.

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