Five Homes Burned; One Man Killed

Getty Images

Flames leapt from one house to another on the 600 block of E. 22nd street in Wilmington.

All city fire units were needed to tame the intense flames. 

After the fire was under control a total of 5 homes were burned and a man in his 60’s was killed.

The victim died in the house where Investigators say the fire started.

His son tried to run into the house to save him but firefighters held him back to prevent anymore casualties.

A teen walking passed the burning homes had to be taken to Al Dupont hospital for smoke inhalation.

Two firefighters were also injured.  Joseph Malloy was taken to Wilmington hospital after complaining about shoulder pain and Lieutenant Brandon Gregg of Rescue 1 was also transported by ambulance to Wilmington Hospital for evaluation and treatment of second degree burns to his forearms, left shoulder, and ears. Both firefighters were treated and released.

Three of the homes were severely burned.  The Red Cross is assisting the families that lost their home.

So far, Investigators don’t think the fire is suspicious.

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