Few Issues Resolved at Sandusky Pretrial Hearing

Sandusky's pretrial hearing only lasted for 20 minutes.

Former Penn State football assistant coach Jerry Sandusky appeared in court on Thursday for a brief pretrial hearing.

Sandusky had nothing to say during his court appearance and no ruling was made. He’s accused of sexually abusing 10 young boys he met through his Second Mile Foundation over the course of 15 years.

Sandusky’s attorney Joe Amendola filed a motion to dismiss all charges, claiming prosecutors have not provided enough discovery material for him to defend his client. Judge John Cleland said he intended to deny the motion. Amendola can file it again closer to his trial in June however.  Amendola spent most of the 20 minutes in court withdrawing motions and declining to argue others, which sparked strong words from the lead prosecutor.

“Second Mile, no matter what its purported purpose, was for the defendant a victim factory,” said Prosecutor Joseph McGettigan. “An assembly line for adolescent children to be abused. Now we’re engaged in lengthy and I would say pointless, as today’s events show, pretrial litigation.”

Amendola claims he has no choice but to present his case to the public so his client will be viewed fairly. He also says many of the motions filed will be re-filed after prosecutors finish their ongoing investigation.

“I get fired up when I hear this stuff about ‘we’re trying to submit it in a court of public opinion,’” said Amendola. “We’ve had no choice because of the way this whole case has been presented.”

Sandusky has maintained his innocence and is currently under house arrest as he awaits the trial.

“In general his spirits are much higher now that he’s been able to see some friends,” said Amendola. “He’s been able to see most of his grandkids.”

The judge says he’ll rule on motions next week. The trial date is set for June 5.

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