Father of Severely Beaten Infant Being Charged

Before the day is over Henry Paris III will be charged and arraigned for the beating of his 3 month-old baby boy.

Parris turned himself into Upper Darby police overnight.

The infant was beat so severely that he may have suffered permanent brain damage.

The charges handed to the 32 year-old suspect from Drexel Hill, could carry a prison sentence on par with third-degree murder because of the victim's age, police Superintendent Michael Chitwood Sr. said.

"Right now, there's no doubt that this bum is responsible for this child's injuries," Chitwood said.

Because of the baby's severe injuries, police are going to ask for a very high bail... "$250,000 cash."

The infant has been updated from critical to stable condition at children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

The baby was taken to the hospital Monday after his babysitter noticed he was crying excessively.

The 3 month-old is being treated for a left side skull fracture, 3 broken ribs and cerebral hemorrhaging.

The baby also has blunt force trauma to other areas of the body, that they believe are from previous beatings.

The baby’s mother 27 year-old Naz Alvi has not been charged.

According to the criminal complaint filed yesterday, Paris told a friend in New York that he dropped the baby while intoxicated. But a doctor at Children's Hospital told police that the injuries were not consistent with a "short-distance fall."

Two of Paris' former co-workers told investigators that he has a short fuse and quickly loses his cool, according to the court document. The infant's mother said he is prone to overreact and has "raised his hand to her on past occasions," police said.

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