State Investigating Teacher Videotaped Unloading on Special Needs Student

The case has been referred to New Jersey's Department of Youth and Family Services.

A New Jersey special needs teacher will be investigated by the Department of Youth and Family Services after one of his students videotaped the teacher unloading on him during class. The case was also handed over to the Gloucester County prosecutor's office.

The teenager told NBC10's Harry Hairston that he videotaped his Bankbridge Regional High School teacher so that his parents would believe what he was telling them. Julio Artuz claimed the bullying was taking place nearly every day.

"It's horrible," said Artuz, 15. "It makes me feel like I'm trash."

In the video, Artuz is asking the teacher not to call him "special." The teacher challenges Artuz, at one point, telling him, "You know what Jules, I'll kick your a** from here to kingdom come until I'm 80 years old." Later, he gets right up in the student's face and taunts him, telling him that nobody cares that he is special. . ."Nobody gives a f***."

The teacher has been put on paid leave while the school investigates. On Wednesday night, the Gloucester County School Board met and decided to take "disciplinary action," although they won't say exactly what that action is until they've notified the teacher.

The board also referred the case to the Gloucester County Prosecutor's office and the New Jersey Department of Youth and Family Services.

The Prosecutor's office looked at the video and said it does not warrant any criminal charges.


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The teacher did not attend the school board meeting and has not returned our calls for comment.

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