Carjacking Victim Lies About Missing Boy: Police

The man allegedly told police he made up the story about the missing boy in order to "watch the police work harder."

A carjacking victim is accused of lying to investigators about a missing boy in Philadelphia because he wanted to "watch the police work harder."

Marcus Fletcher, 22, was arrested and charged with false reports.

Late Monday night, Fletcher flagged down Philadelphia Police on the 1500 block of Wingohocking Street. He told the officers he was a pizza delivery driver and that he was robbed and carjacked by two men, one armed, while making a delivery on the 4600 block of N. Sydenham Street. 

Fletcher said the men stole his wallet, which included his ID and credit cards, $30 in cash, his phone and his 1995 Ford Escort. Fletcher said the men then drove his vehicle down the block. Fletcher also told police his 4-year-old nephew was inside his vehicle when it was carjacked, investigators said.

Police located Fletcher's vehicle within minutes about a half-mile away on the 4300 block of N. 16th Street where it was parked, locked and unoccupied.

Detectives interviewed Fletcher as police launched an extensive search in the area that included helicopters, officers on the ground and K9 units. Police say Fletcher gave several accounts on how the robbery occurred and was unable to provide a detailed description of the boy or the child's parents.

After several hours, Fletcher allegedly admitted to police that he lied about a missing child. Police say Fletcher told investigators he had been robbed before but didn't believe officers provided him adequate service at the time. He allegedly told police he made up the story about the missing boy in order to "watch the police work harder."

While Fletcher has been charged and accused of lying about the missing boy, police say they believe he was telling the truth about being robbed and carjacked. They continue to investigate.

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