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Delco Cheesesteak Shop Owner Survives Knife Through His Neck

“My son turned to me and said, ‘Dad, you have a knife in your neck.'"

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A Delaware County cheesesteak shop owner survived after an employee stabbed him through the neck during a brutal attack that was captured on surveillance video.

The incident occurred Friday at Leo’s Steak Shop on 1403 Chester Pike in Folcroft, Pennsylvania. The shop’s owner, Steven Mullan, said he was inside the kitchen when he was attacked by one of his employees. 

Surveillance video obtained by NBC10 shows the employee, identified by court documents as 43-year-old Sean Walklett of Folcroft, stabbing Mullan through the neck. Mullan told NBC10 he didn’t even realize at first that the knife was lodged inside.

“My son turned to me and said, ‘Dad, you have a knife in your neck,’” Mullan told NBC10. “He said, ‘Don’t pull it out.’”

Mullan’s stunned employees looked on at the knife which had gone through one side of Mullan’s neck and out the other. 

“It was a vibration like I was being electrocuted,” Mullan said. “Like I touched a live wire.” 

Responding police officers arrested Walklett after using a Taser on him. He was charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and other related offenses. 

Mullan told NBC10 he had given Walklett a job because he was down on his luck. 

“That’s what got me in this trouble with this guy,” Mullan said. “I was trying to help him.”

He also said Walklett had been a good employee for months prior to Friday’s incident. He believes Walklett’s mental health issues played a role in the attack. 

Doctors were able to get the knife out of Mullan’s neck and stitch him up. 

“It still hurts,” he said. “My neck still hurts.” 

Mullan is staying out of the shop for now as he continues to recover. 

“I haven’t had a vacation in ten years,” he said. “This was a hell of a way to get a vacation.”

Despite the shocking incident, Mullan said it won’t stop him from giving other people opportunities to work.  

“I am mad that it happened,” Mullan said. “But I’m blessed and thankful I’m alive.”

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