Bikers, Driver Could Face Steep Fines Under Proposed Bike Bill

Under a new proposal, bike riders and drivers face fines for not properly sharing the road.

The rules of the road could soon be changing for both drivers and bicyclists in Philadelphia.

On Thursday, City Council will introduce a bill to make sure everyone stays safe on the streets. It’s known as the Complete Streets Bill.

Under the proposal, fines would jump from $3 to $75. A parked bike on the sidewalk cannot block or obstruct pedestrian traffic. And no more than two bicyclists would be able to ride side-by-side, unless the road is closed for bike use only.

For drivers, there would be no parking in bike lanes, but stops for deliveries would be allowed. If you’re opening your door on the traffic side of the street, you must do so safely as to not to hit a passing bike rider.

AAA Mid-Atlantic spokesperson Jenny Robinson says, the proposed law “has common sense protections for both bicyclists and motorists.”

City Council meets Thursday at 2 p.m.

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