Convict Released, Stabs Cheating Girlfriend

Authorities say man stabbed his girlfriend so severely, her organs were hanging from her abdomen.

Finding your lover in bed with another person would be emotionally devastating for anyone, but police say an ex-convict lost it when he did just that.
Louis Viera, 41, was excited to see his 21-year-old girlfriend after being released from Graterford Prison the week before.
But when he arrived to her Darby Borough home earlier than expected, he found the woman in bed with another man.
Authorities told NBC Philadelphia Viera then pulled out a steak knife and switchblade and began stabbing the two.
He cut his girlfriend so severely that her organs were hanging out of her abomen, police said.
"He decided to take a bus up and rekindle his old flame," Chitwood told the Daily News. "Instead of taking her to dinner, he stabs her."
After the stabbing, Viera jumped onto a SEPTA bus heading toward his mother's home in Chester, Pa. The bus was stopped by police at 9th and Main streets and the suspect was taken into custody without incident.
The woman and her lover were rushed to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in critical condition.
Viera is now back in jail charged with attempted murder and related offenses.

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