Comedian Takes Jab at Philly With ‘Santa-Snow Ball' Joke, Crowd Responds With Boos

If there’s one crutch that out-of-towners always lean on to take a jab at Philadelphia, it typically seems to involve two subjects: Santa and snow balls.

During the World Meeting of Families in front of the Art Museum Saturday night, comedian Jim Gaffigan took that route and the crowd responded with a chorus of boos.

Gaffigan, born in Illinois, warmed-up the crowd as part of the festivities.

Gaffigan at first complimented Philadelphia and its love for the Pope.

“Philadelphia really stepping up. An amazing event they’re hosting here and you know, Philadelphia loves the Pope. Philadelphia loves the Pope. It’s amazing," Gaffigan said.

But then he went in for the jab and struck a nerve.

"I wasn’t worried that Philadelphia wasn’t going to love the Pope, but let’s just say Philadelphia was not too nice to Santa Claus. So … are they booing me or Santa Claus? The Santa Claus … it stays. There’s still problems with Santa Claus.”


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Some of the generally subdued crowd did not appreciate Gaffigan’s joke and broke out the "boo birds."

The Santa Claus and snow balls joke refers to the time back in 1968 when a replacement Santa was pelted with snow balls during an Eagles game at Franklin Field. The facts behind the true reason why Santa was hit with snow balls has always been twisted throughout time.

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