6 Suffer From Apparent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Firefighters

Parents, kids all hospitalized as investigators search for cause of leak

Possible carbon monoxide poisoning landed a Norristown family of six in the hospital early this morning.

Firefighters responded to the upstairs apartment at W Marshall and Astor Streets around 4 a.m.

An unidentified father, mother and their four kids, ages 3 to 9, were all taken to area hospitals after an adult called 911 to complain that they were feeling sick, firefighters on the scene told NBC!0’s Claudia Rivero.

"Sounds like they awoke, they felt nauseous and had headaches, which are very common symptoms for carbon monoxide poisoning," said Norristown Fire Department Battalion Chief Richard Lockhart. "They could have woken up a lot sicker in the morning or not woken up at all."

Authorities say the family should recover.

Firefighters said they focused on a water heater or a possible clogged chimney as a cause for the CO leak but the investigation continued through the morning. A Pizza shop is located on the ground level of the structure.

The home had no CO detector firefighters said.

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