Newborn Main Line Girl Suffers Bruises After Sleeping Dad Sticks Her Under Couch: Police

Police on the Main Line arrested a father who they say stuck his newborn daughter under a couch while he slept.

Chadd Cagle was caring for 5-week-old daughter early on July 26 when someone found the daughter sleeping underneath a couch upon which her 35-year-old father slept, said Radnor Township Police.

The person that found the girl could hear muffled crying and thought it was coming from the baby's room but later the person discovered the girl face down, wearing only a diaper under the couch that Cagle had moved, the person told police.

An argument ensued then Cagle took the girl to his parent's house where officers did a welfare check on the girl, said investigators. Being put under the couch left the girl with abrasions on both of her legs, said police.

Investigators later found that the couch only has a Clarence of 4.5 inches from the ground -- too low for the child to move freely -- and red stains on the carpet underneath the couch appeared to be blood, said police in an affidavit of probable cause.

Police said that the child was not capable of placing herself under the couch.

A district judge arraigned Cagle on child endearment charges Thursday and sent him to county jail after he was unable to post 10 percent of $50,000 bail.

Cagle is no stranger to the law having been convicted multiple times for drugs, according to court documents.

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