Door-to-Door “Salesmen” Burglarizing Homes

New Garden Township residents have been getting visits from people posing as door-to-door salesmen. But these are no Willy Lomans.

Burglars have been targeting houses in which no one is at home by knocking on doors pretending to be salesmen, hoping no one will answer, reports the Daily Local.

If no one answers, the “salesmen” burglarize the house.

There have been about a dozen burglaries matching this description in the past two months, say township police.

"We're starting a neighborhood canvass now," Larry E. Dampman, New Garden police chief, told the Daily Local. "We think this is being done by the same person or persons."

Police are telling residents to ask any visiting salesmen for identification, and immediately call police—even if their identification is legitimate.

"These burglaries are occurring during the daylight hours when the occupants are not home," Dampman said. "Residents must be vigilant and report any suspicious vehicles to us. We're going to be out there in the neighborhoods."

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