Bulldog Blog: Seniors Get Ready for Prom

High school blogger Brady McHale brings the inside story from Lower Merion High School.

Your senior year of high school is always something you’ll remember -- at least that’s what they tell us.

Students at Lower Merion were gearing up towards something they’ll remember -- their senior prom.

Prom at Lower Merion is a big deal, as they are at any school really, but because LM only has a one prom for seniors (as oppose to junior proms at other schools in the area) many kids are extremely excited and use this night to shine.

The night of tux’s and bling takes place at the Please Touch Museum in Fairmount Park. This is the second year the class has chosen that as the venue, apparently the merry-go-round makes for great pictures. 

Many kids already have their post-prom plans, a few are hopping in the limo and going to the beach, while others are staying local but still ensure to party all night long (legally of course).

Although I still have two years to go until my senior prom, the stories and pictures I hear and see make me extremely excited for when the day comes.

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