Jilted Teen Tries to Bomb His Beloved: Cops

Second teen also involved: police

Love hurts -- at least that seems to be what two teenagers were thinking when they allegedly tried to set a Delaware County woman’s home on fire last week.

After being romantically rejected by the woman, 19-year-old Sinuhe Schultz of Lansdowne, along with his 17-year-old brother Miguel, threw Molotov cocktails into the unidentified woman's home, the Daily News reported.

This is what allegedly happened. At about 12:40 a.m. last Wednesday, the two teenagers crept to her row house on Houston Road in Lansdowne in hopes of killing the woman and burning down her house while she was sleeping, NBC Philadelphia learned.

They allegedly used glass jar bombs, which held rags soaked in gasoline and WD-40.

When the bombs reached the woman’s bedroom, however, she was able to quickly stop the blaze, authorities said.

“She’s lucky she’s alive, and lucky the house didn’t burn down,” Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood told the Daily News.

When police looked for Sinuhe at his family home, the teen ran out. Lansdowne police then quickly curtailed his escape.

Facebook messages that Sinuhe had sent the woman aided in the search for suspects, said the Daily News.

The boys’ adoptive mother Lee Schultz expressed sadness and surprise that Miguel was allegedly involved in the act.

“I can only think that (Miguel) might have been coerced or tricked or threatened," the boy's devastated mother told the Daily News.

The boys, who will be charged as adults, face counts that include arson, assault, attempted murder and risking a catastrophe.

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