Bloody Fight Between Jersey Women Goes Viral

We want to warn you that the video is graphic

Police are investigating the viral video of a brutal and bloody fight between two women at a Camden, N.J. housing development. 

The video was posted on a popular urban website and viewed by more than one million people around the world.

A spokesperson for says someone from Camden sent them the video of the fight last month.

The brawl took place at the Northgate 1 Towers, a low-income housing building located near the Ben Franklin Bridge. has blurred some of the images and lowered the sound because the video is graphic.

It shows two women throwing punches at each other but at one point a woman referred to as “Cassandra” overpowers the other woman, sits on top of her and repeatedly punches her in the face and pounds her head onto the floor causing her to bleed.

"You done? Or you want some more lumps?” Cassandra asks. People watching the fight urged her to stop before police arrive.

Security officers and some residents told NBC10’s Lu Ann Cahn that the woman throwing the punches does not live in the building but was upset, they claim, because the other woman decided not to help her get her child back from the Department of Youth and Family Services.

Pastor Heyward Wiggins says fights like these are common at the housing facility.

“In that building it’s somewhat a typical occurrence that goes on throughout the day there is a lot of drug activity,” said Heyward. “It’s almost like a caged-mouse syndrome when you have people on top of each other they almost attack each other."

There has been a lot of trouble at the building in recent weeks, according to police.

Last week a woman jumped to her death. Residents also went without running water and no heat several days ago.

Police are investigating the incident. 

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