New $60M Bible Society Attraction Coming to Philadelphia’s Historic District

The American Bible Society is moving forward with a $60 million Faith & Liberty Discovery Center, bringing a new attraction to Philadelphia that attempts to highlight the link the city, country and its founding has with the Bible.

The organization indicated when it relocated its headquarters a year ago to Philadelphia’s historic district that it intended to have the attraction be part of its presence here and formalized it in an announcement made at the Independence Visitors Center on Wednesday. The American Bible Society is based at 401 Market St.

The discovery center looks to examine the connection between faith and liberty in America and its formation. It will attempt to shed a light on how the Bible influenced historical figures and even documents such as the Constitution.

"Among America’s essential founding documents, the Bible is a significant organizing cultural force that has inspired, influenced, and informed American ideals of liberty that continue to shape our national identity as a free people,” the organization said in a statement.

The attraction will begin with the Colonial Era and span to modern times and put on display how one “needs to know something about the Bible to understand our country, its founding and how people were inspired by the Bible,” said Roy Peterson, bible society president and CEO.

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