Become a Resource Parent through Concilio

Concilio’s Resource Parent Program finds temporary safe homes for children in Philadelphia’s foster care system through the recruitment, assessment, and training of quality community members who solicit to become certified foster parents.

This program provides supportive mentoring for the biological families, promoting reunification efforts, such as visitation and enhanced communication with biological families throughout the child’s time in the foster care system.

Concilio differentiates from other foster care services in our region by being one of the few that can recruit Spanish speaking parents. Concilio is a non-profit that provides all required training a Resource Parent needs to get certified, in Spanish, so there is no language barrier.

Resource Parents not only receive personal gratification for taking on this life-changing task, but those that apply through Concilio benefit from receiving proper training, resources for childcare and a designated stipend to help cover the costs of raising a child.

People interested in becoming a Resource Parent must provide proof of citizenship, proof of residency, proof of income, background check, child abuse and FBI clearance, plus pass an interview and complete foster parent training.

For more information on how to participate, please call 215-627-3100, extension 247.

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