Armed Robberies At Shore Rattle Shop Owners

Small business owners in Atlantic City have reason to be concerned, and even fear for their lives.

Mohammad Rashid, 63, has been shot and had his shoulder dislocated in two violent armed robberies at his Montpelier Avenue ice cream shop and convenience store.

Rashid says he still has a bullet lodged in his shoulder from the the Dec. 7 incident at The Ice Cream Corner. Three weeks earlier, he suffered the dislocated shoulder.

“I said to the police, please do something,” said Rashid. “They told me, we are doing, we are working on.”

Rashid is among the victims of at least 10 armed robberies that have targeted small businesses in the resort town over the past few months.

Atlantic City Police have charged Dashawn Bacon-Hancock for robbing an Atlantic City store twice within days. Investigators are seeking to determine if Bacon-Hancock was involved with any of the other hold-ups.

Isaac Simmons, a former store owner, gave up his store after a friend was shot and killed during a robbery attempt last year.

Rashid continues to work in fear. The most recent robbery of his store was done by three men wearing masks so he doesn’t know who the assailants are.

“I’m afraid but what can I do. I can’t survive without this,” said Rashid, who says he can't afford to close up his shop.

Atlantic City Police told NBC10 Jersey Shore reporter Ted Greenberg that they have identified persons of interest in connection with the robberies at Rashid’s store and hope to make arrests soon.

Even though police made an arrest in one of the robberies last week, the robberies have not stopped.

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