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X-Ray Shows Puppy Swallowed Toys Whole



    X-Ray Shows Puppy Swallowed Toys Whole
    Curtis Krueger

    A Bucks County puppy is getting back to his bouncy self after a health scare.

    6-month-old Jasper was living a normal puppy-life, running around, playing outside, and exerting all of his energy. Nothing seemed wrong. But, the puppy, who usually had a plentiful appetite, couldn’t keep food down.

    The cane corso pup, who already weighed 72 pounds, was taken to Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center in Levittown where the answer soon came. Jasper had swallowed two dog toys, each about the size of a tennis ball.

    “Dogs eat crazy things,” Dr. Scott Joudrey, who performed surgery to remove the red and green balls, said.

    Michael Ehrlich, Jasper’s owner, said he was “stunned” when he saw the X-rays, and that the dog toys actually belonged to his girlfriend’s dog.

    After the surgery, Jasper was recovering fine. The day after the operation he ate three full meals and was sent home.