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Video of School Bus Traveling Through Flood Waters Sparks Investigation



    Bus With Children on Board Drives Through Flood Waters

    A viral video of a bus with children on board traveling through flood waters sparked outrage. NBC10's Lu Ann Cahn speaks to the woman who recorded the video. (Published Saturday, May 3, 2014)

    A viral video of a school bus traveling through flood waters in Chester County has sparked outrage as well as an investigation.

    Liz Rach says she was inside her home early Wednesday evening around 5 p.m. as heavy rain poured in East Fallowfield Township, Chester County, causing flooding on Mortonville Road.

    As she was inside, she noticed a school bus with young children on board heading towards Mortonville. Fearing for their safety, Rach says she went outside and told the driver to turn around.

    “He asked if he could get through and we told him no,” Rach said. “He asked what was up the bend and I told him it was going to get worse because it gets lower. Then he said he could make it.”

    Rach and another neighbor took out their phones and recorded as the bus continued to travel through the nearly three-feet deep flood waters. A second video shows that the vehicle stopped at one point and the neighbor had to guide the driver through.

    “He drove over a 20-foot long telephone pole submerged in the water,” Rach said.

    Rach posted the video on Facebook which sparked outrage from other concerned residents.

    “We actually got contacted by a few other bus drivers and they were horrified,” Rach said. “They actually also wanted to know. They said the bus driver made them look bad.”

    Rach claims there was a sign on the bus that said “Coatesville Area School District.” A Coatesville spokesperson told NBC10 however that the bus did not belong to their district.

    Krapf Bus Company is also investigating but a spokesman told NBC10 they don’t believe the bus belongs to them either.

    A Coatesville elementary school principal told NBC10 that all of the buses were traveling through high water in the area on Wednesday and that there was no avoiding it. The principal says officials will work on contingency plans for the next flooding situation.

    While the bus managed to make it through and no injuries were reported, Rach says the situation could have easily been worse.

    “I think it was dangerous,” Rach said. “A lot of other things could have happened but didn’t.”

    Police continue to search for the bus driver. Once he is found, investigators say he may be charged with child endangerment.