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Man Accused of Posing as DA Seth Williams, Targeting Elderly Man



    Shelton Thomas allegedly posed as DA Seth Williams and stole nearly $100,000 from an elderly man. (Published Monday, Feb. 24, 2014)

    Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams warned the public to be aware of a recent scheme that targeted an elderly man.

    Someone swindled Raymond Campbell, 93, out of thousands of dollars while posing as officials including the district attorney, according to investigators.

    Shelton Thomas, 47, allegedly posed as Williams and would call Campbell and tell him he owed fines to the city for trash that was left across the street from his residence. 

    Police say Thomas worked for Campbell over the years mowing his lawn, shoveling his snow and removing trash from his yard at his Cobbs Creek Parkway residence.

    Thomas, posing as Williams, would then explain to Campbell that he would be picking up the money that was owed, according to officials.

    According to the real Seth Williams, Thomas collected around $95,000 over three years. 

    Investigators say Campbell’s nephews were suspicious that their uncle was getting so many calls from the DA. They tried to convince Campbell it was a scam but he did not believe them. Campbell's nephews finally called the police and then the investigation began.

    Williams explained at a press conference that the district attorney would never call anyone directly. Instead there would be court letters to seek fines.

    Thomas remained in custody Monday night.

    While announcing the arrest, Williams said, "hopefully a lifetime of cheese sandwiches" will come following the arrest. 

    Officials say the two men at one point played basketball together when they were younger because they grew up in the same neighborhood.

    Thomas' bail was set at $750,000 with a preliminary court date set for March 7.

    Williams also urged family members of all elderly people to be on the lookout for suspicious activities similar to the recent incident.

    Anyone who believes they or someone they know is being scammed can call the Philadelphia Police Department SVU at 215-685-3251 or send an email the District Attorney's office