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Volunteer Group Always on Hand to Keep Philly Firefighters Safe



    A team known as the 2nd Alarmers are always on hand to provide supplies such as water, flood lights and batteries among other things to firefighters during calls. (Published Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2015)

    The heat wave we have had these last few days isn't just uncomfortable to live and work in -- it's a hazard for firefighters.

    It makes it even harder for them to cool down at fire scenes.

    NBC10’s Katy Zachry spoke with a volunteer group based in Nicetown that works overtime in the heat to keep firefighters safe.

    In most cases, Philadelphia 2nd Alarmers are the ones who keep firefighters cool and hydrated.

    One Philadelphia fire battalion chief told NBC10 they would not be successful if it weren't for the help of 2nd Alarmers.

    In their trucks, the 2nd Alarmers volunteers carry everything from flood lights and oxygen tanks, to first aid gear and radio batteries.

    As soon as firefighters take a break from fighting the fire, 2nd Alarmers take their vital signs. In the extreme heat, the 2nd Alarmers cool the firefighters off with misting fans and liquids.

    "When he comes out, our job is to get to them very quickly, get fluid in him and make sure we get his core temp down,” Chief Greg Masi of the 2nd Alarmers said.

    The 2nd Alarmers Association operates solely on donations. For more information and how to donate, you can visit their Facebook page.